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Ethnic Teens Confront Prejudice Through Photography

Armed with cameras and artistic flair, a group of young women are taking a stand against social and cultural injustice in the brand new exhibition, All of ME.

Organised by KELY Support Group, which represents Kids Everywhere Like You, the exhibition showcases the honest and deeply personal photographs of 35 ethnic minority females hailing from countries including India and Nepal.

Materialism, racial stereotypes, and alienation are just some of the themes that come to light in the stunning collection of 50 images hanging on the walls at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre.

“Remember who you are, before the world tells you who you should be,” Kawaljot Kaur reminds us through her striking series, Eureka (I’ve found it!), which deals with the concept of finding one’s identity. Meanwhile, Marya Yaqub’s The Undercover Girl explores the stereotypes many ethnic minorities encounter on a daily basis.

The Undercover Girl by Marya Yaqub
The Undercover Girl by Marya Yaqub

“From other people’s perspective, I am a narrow-minded person because I am not able to speak out my thoughts. But in reality, I can think beyond their thoughts,” she tells Localiiz. Yaqub’s message is a powerful reminder that the people we meet and the things we see are not always as they seem.

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Starstruck by Maria Mohammed
Starstruck by Maria Mohammed

Maria Mohammed’s abstract images, Starstruck, continue with the theme of misconception, juxtaposing one monochrome image with a dreamlike scene bursting with colour. “Others often see me as a shy and quiet girl, but in reality, I am very bubbly and people get surprised when they get to know me,” she tells us.

Game of Mystery by Kulbir Deol
Standing Out In The Crowd! By Pavwan Prit Kaur
Eureka (I've found it!) by Kawaljot Kaur
Breathe and Look by Stables Catherine Elizabeth Estrada
My Ambition - My Future by Sharma Vidhi Sharma
Battle Life by Kalpana Armaja
VENI. VIDI. VICI. (Come, Seen, Conquered) by Sarah Elizabeth Nerveza Obiacoro


Explore the work of these inspirational young artists at the All of ME exhibition which runs until January 28 at Gallery L0, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shep Kip Mei. (10am – 10pm daily; 10am – 6pm on January 28)

Explore more photos! Dream Amid the Chaos with Christopher Button’s beautiful photos of Hong Kong, or find Peace Among the Feathers at Yuen Po Street Bird Garden.

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