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Localiiz Monthly Marketing Plans to Build your Business

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Introducing Localiiz’s Monthly Marketing Plans

Localiiz Marketing Tool BoxThe Localiiz Monthly Marketing Plans provide a unique marketing solution, designed to give small- to medium-sized businesses the maximum marketing ‘bang’ for their dollar.

The magic sauce? Businesses gain exposure to our readers via several marketing tools  – Facebook promotions, email marketing, editorial exposure and banner advertising – using co-promotional or joint marketing strategies on an ongoing basis. With this multi-layered, non-spammy approach, our readers come to know and trust your brand, and that familiarity grows your business!

3 Promotional Strategies

  1. 24/7 Ongoing Exposure* – ongoing marketing activities that give you exposure 24/7
  2. Co-Promotional Marketing* –  clients choose a relevant lifestyle category and then benefit from a schedule of promotional activity within that category, designed to trigger direct response.
  3. Exclusive Exposure* – exclusive marketing opportunities for premium clients

…provided through a series of marketing plans, ranging from budget to premium.

Marketing Plan Overview

* Exposure level depends on marketing plan chosen

1. 24/7 Ongoing Exposure

  • Directory listing  – All clients
  • Banner advertising – Gold, Platinum, Platinum+
  • Highlights & Offers – Platinum, Platinum+

These marketing solutions allow clients to build an online presence, build brand/product/service awareness, and with the Highlights & Offers section, promote new products/services, events or workshops, or highlight a service or product of the month.

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2. Co-promotional Marketing

  • Category EDM  – All clients
  • Facebook promotion – Platinum, Platinum+
  • Shared Articles – Platinum, Platinum+

On an 8-week rotating basis, and depending on the plan purchased, clients may receive a promotional boost each and every week.

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3. Exclusive Exposure

Localiiz provides the opportunity for clients to gain further exposure through exclusive Facebook advertising campaigns, exclusive email newsletters and exclusive articles. These services are provided as part of the Platinum+ plan. Clients with Gold or Platinum plans can add these services at a discounted rate from our Localiiz Promotions list price.


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