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Video: Magic in the Hong Kong Rain

Hong Kong Rain

Most of us like to curl up with a hot drink and a good book when the heavens open in Hong Kong (especially when the typhoons hit), but for Italian filmmaker Raffaele Mosca, there’s no better time to get outside and be creative.

Sheltering under a storefront waiting for the rain to stop during a typical downpour, he finds beauty in the ordinary among the back streets of Causeway Bay in his atmospheric video, Hong Kong Rain.

With a sense of tension and foreboding, and the presence of towering grey architecture, you could almost mistake this as footage from a film.

“The city looks like a film set and the rain just adds to the magic,” he tells us. “I’m not a Hong Kong resident and was staying in the city for ten days as part of an Asian journey that started five months ago.

“Filming is a way for me to learn more about the place I’m in, and I was actually discovering things in this video which I shot in one hour. I love Hong Kong, it’s like a mini world.”

We’re waiting for the credits to roll! Stay dry, people.

Note: This article first appeared on Localiiz in September 2016

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