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VIDEO: The Coolest Moves and Most Epic Hair in Hong Kong

Most people like to stroll around Hong Kong to explore the city, but not the funky haired star of our latest video who prefers to break dance his way through the 852.

Showcasing some serious upper body strength, and perhaps the most epic hair we’ve ever seen, the talented subject of Break Ground takes us on a high-speed journey through the urban jungle, tackling bustling streets, steps, bridges, and back alleys one move at a time – and of course, stopping to refuel with a bowl of noodles and a cold pint along the way.

It’s certainly a different take on the usual Hong Kong video, but then again the film’s creator, 27-year-old French videographer Charles Dieric, is all for showing new perspectives of our city.

“In Hong Kong, everything is moving so fast and in different directions. My intention is to show the high speed of the city, from ground level to the highest rooftops, whilst also promoting young talent in an energetic and beautiful way”, he tells Localiiz. “The break dance is a good opportunity to show this feeling of speed as well as the contact of the human with the concrete jungle.”

If only it was as easy as he makes it look!

Check out more of Dieric’s stunning work on his website.

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